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HP Laptops in Nepal


HP [Hewlett-Packard] is a popular brand for printers and laptops in Nepal. HP is most popular for their reliable and affordable printers in the Nepali market. HP is also a reliable and affordable brand of laptops. Neo store provide wide range of models for HP printers and HP Laptops in Nepal.


Neo store is the ultimate HP showroom in Kathmandu that guarantees the best HP laptop price in Nepal.

We have HP laptops in Nepal for everyday computing, gaming needs and professional purpose. They come in various models and configuration. The configuration of the model determines the HP laptop price in Nepal. The models available in Nepal are from Envy series, Ultra book series and HP Pavilion Series. Buy the laptop from HP series that suits you best.


HP Printer in Nepal


HP provides a large selection of printers in Nepal. The most popular model is the HP Desk jet, HP Office jet and HP Laser jet printers. HP printers are suited for home or office and act as a scanner, photocopy machine and fax machine. The printers from HP have high efficiency and the consumption of cartridge ink is very low making.


The other HP products available in Neo Store are:


  • HP external DVD - best for connecting DVD in laptops without optical drive
  • Cartridge ink for printers - toner cartridges for quality and reliability
  • HP tablets - HP Slate android tablets


HP Laptops in Nepal - Our Services:


  • Repair, support and maintenance services
  • Delivery services with Cash on delivery
  • Special Discount on products


To know more about our HP laptops in Nepal and all HP products, our services, delivery information and special offers with discounts, call us today!

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