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Home Appliances | Samsung Washing Machine

Model: WF600BOBHWQ

SKU: 0024

Price : 66,990

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Home Appliances| Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine

Model: WF600BOBTWQ

SKU: 0023

Price : 65,990

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Home Appliances | Samsung Top Loading Washing Machine

Model: WA62H4200HB

SKU: 0022

Price : 36,990

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Home Appliances | Samsung Top Loading

Model: WT655QPNDRP

SKU: 0021

Price : 24,990

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Washing Machines in Nepal


Were you thinking of adding a Washing Machine for your home? Neo Store has a variety of Samsung Washing Machines in Nepal for your washing needs. Gone are the days when washing used to be a hectic necessity? Now you can enjoy the music while the machine does the job for you.


Washing Machines Price in Nepal


Neo Store offers you with the best of Washing Machine Price in Nepal. With wide array of Washing Machines available you need not search for other options. Our price is affordable and we also offer free home delivery around the area of Kathmandu.

Neo Store is the ultimate store that offers the best in price and quality of Washing Machines and other home appliances. For the best of Washing Machines Price in Nepal, Neo Store is your preferred option.  Gone are the days when you needed to ask from shops to shops for the Washing Machine of your necessity. Just surf through our store online and order your needs, our guys will be there with your ordered product.


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