Oppo Mobile in Nepal

Oppo mobiles in Nepal are best known for their high-quality cameras and stylish design. Rightly called the 'camera phone', Oppo phones are selfie experts and the brand has been ranked at number 5 globally in 2018. Oppo mobiles not only excel the selfie technology but also holds excellent software and hardware, all at reasonable prices.


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Oppo mobiles have become extremely popular in the last few years in Nepal for the praiseworthy performance of the phone and the impeccable cameras they have. That's the reason mobiles from Oppo are known as camera phones
Oppo started the mobile phone market in Nepal in 2008. Although their very first release could not make a good impression in the smartphone market, its later releases succeeded to make headlines. Some of the popular phones from this brand are Oppo A3s (2+16 GB), Oppo A7, Oppo F5, Oppo F3 Plus and more.


Oppo Mobiles Price in Nepal

Latest Oppo Mobile Models Oppo Mobile Price
Oppo A3s (2+16 GB) Rs. 19,100
Oppo A83 (3+32GB) Rs. 23,500
Oppo A3s (3+32GB) Rs. 25,950
Oppo F1s (4+64GB) Rs. 28,400
Oppo F3 Rs. 30,900
Oppo F5 Rs. 33,300
Oppo A7 (4+64GB) Rs. 35,790
Oppo A7 (4+64GB) Rs. 38,200
Oppo F9 (6+64GB) Rs. 44,600
Oppo F3 Plus Rs. 53,890