Rapoo Nepal

RAPOO is devoted to offering high-quality, cutting-edge wireless peripheral products to users all over the world, and “Wireless Your Life” is simply the corporate theory that RAPOO has always stick to.


Rapoo has always paid close consideration to the continuous changes in user requirements and providing corresponding solutions in time. Rapoo offers wireless mouse, keyboards, and headsets to PC users to meet their application needs.


Rapoo also offers Bluetooth keyboards and headsets for smart devices, like smartphones and tablet PCs, to meet their interaction needs.


Rapoo Keyboard and Mouse Combo Price in Nepal

Latest Rapoo Keyboard and Mouse Combo Models Rapoo Keyboard and Mouse Combo Price
Rapoo NX1710  Optical Mouse & Keyboard Combo  Rs. 1,530
Rapoo X1800S Wireless Optical Combo  Rs. 2,320
Rapoo X1900  Wireless Optical Mouse & Keyboard  Rs. 2,610
Rapoo  8000  Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo  Rs. 2,730
Rapoo 8200M  Multi-mode Wireless Keyboard & Mouse  Rs. 4,156
Rapoo 9060  Wireless Optical Combo  Rs. 5,960


Rapoo Power Banks Price in Nepal

Latest Rapoo Power Bank Models Rapoo Power Bank Price
Rapoo P200 Power Bank Rs. 3,445
Rapoo P160 Power Bank  Rs. 3,681


Rapoo Headphones Price in Nepal

Latest Rapoo Headphones Models Rapoo Headphone Price
Rapoo H100  Wired Stereo Headset  Rs. 1,215
Rapoo H120 USB Headset  Rs. 1,750
Rapoo H6020  Fashion Wireless Headset  Rs. 3,790
Rapoo VH150  Backlit Gaming Headset  Rs. 4,035
Rapoo S100  Wireless Multi-Style Headset Rs. 4,370
Rapoo S200  Bluetooth Stereo Headset  Rs. 6,175


Rapoo Earphones Price in Nepal

Latest Rapoo Earphone Models Rapoo Earphone Price
Rapoo EP30  In-ear Headphones  Rs. 855
Rapoo VM120 In-ear Gaming Headphone  Rs. 1,415
Rapoo VM300  Bluetooth Gaming Headset  Rs. 4,155


Rapoo Mouse Price in Nepal

Latest Rapoo Mouse Models Rapoo Mouse Price
Rapoo N100 Optical Mouse  Rs. 465
Rapoo N200 Optical Mouse  Rs. 485
Rapoo N1130  Optical Mouse  Rs. 500
Rapoo 1620 Wireless Optical Mouse Rs. 1,090
Rapoo M10 Wireless Mouse Rs. 1,211
Rapoo M100 Silent Multi-mode Wireless Mouse  Rs. 1,377
Rapoo 3360 Wireless Optical Mini Mouse  Rs. 1,565
Rapoo V16 Game Mouse  Rs. 1,850
Rapoo 3510 Plus Wireless Optical Mouse  Rs. 2,610
Rapoo V20S Optical Gaming Mouse  Rs. 3,490
Rapoo V26S Optical Gaming Mouse  Rs. 3,870


Rapoo Keyboard Price in Nepal

Latest Rapoo Keyboard Models Rapoo Keyboard Price
Rapoo NK2500  Wired Keyboard  Rs. 1,070
Rapoo K2600  Wireless Touch Keyboard  Rs. 4,155
Rapoo V500Pro Back-lit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard  Rs. 7,410


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