Apple iPhones in Nepal

Apple is one of the globally famous brands that has come up with a broad range of electronic gadgets and devices combining style, class, and performance. At Neo Store, there is a wide range of Apple iPhones available and you can select the phone model based on its display size, internal memory, phone size, camera, battery life and more.


Buy iPhone Online at Neo Store

If you have been planning to buy a new smartphone, all you have to do is browse the range of iPhone models available at Neo Store. These phones can be used for both private and professional use. You can review the Apple iPhone specs and pick the iPhone that suits your needs the best. In addition, every Apple mobile phone has a battery with a long life so that you do not have to charge them often.


iPhones Price in Nepal

Latest iPhone Models  iPhone Price
Apple iPhone XR 64GB  Rs. 118,900
Apple iPhone XR 128GB Rs. 128,900
Apple iPhone XR 256GB Rs. 143,900
Apple iPhone XS 64GB Rs. 161,500
Apple iPhone XS 256GB  Rs. 185,500
Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB  Rs. 176,900
Apple iPhone XS Max 256GB Rs. 199,900
Apple iPhone XS 512GB Rs. 215,900
Apple iPhone XS Max 512GB Rs. 231,900


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