Dell Laptops in Nepal

The most popular dell products are Dell laptops. Buy Dell laptops in Nepal for home or business use at Neo Store. There are various models of laptops available in the store, buy a product that suits your requirement. The laptops from Dell are popular for their quality, performance and durability. Dell laptops have a good service base in Nepal and the repair costs (if any) are minimal.

Neo Store is the official distributor of Dell laptops in Nepal and guarantees the best Dell laptops price in Nepal.

Dell Products in Nepal

Dell is the premier brand for desktops, projectors and laptops in Nepal. Dell is most popular brand for laptops in Nepal. Dell also holds a major share for projectors and high performance desktops in Nepal. Dell provides technological solutions and services of highest quality.

Neo store is partner with Neoteric Nepal, the distributor of Dell products for Nepal. Neo store is the best Dell showroom in Nepal providing the best prices for the Dell laptops, computers and all other products. The price of Dell computers depends on the various configurations of the computers. Neo Store guarantees the best price of Dell laptops in Nepal.

Dell Desktops

Dell desktops are high performing desktops perfect for business and office usage. The personal computers are configured for great processing speeds and are optimal for business and professional use. They are also great for everyday computing and for fulfilling gaming requirements.

Dell projectors

Dell is an equally reliable brand when it comes to projectors in Nepal. The prices of projectors vary depending upon the projection distance, resolution and Dimensions (3D). At Neo Store you will find a range of different Dell projectors in Nepal.

The other Dell products in Nepal include:

  • Storage (External hard drives)
  • Audio and Wearable
  • Networking Devices
  • PC accessories
  • Monitors and home theatres

Our Services:

  • Repair, support and maintenance services
  • Delivery services with Cash on delivery
  • Special Discount on products

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