Dell Laptops in Nepal

The most popular dell products are Dell laptops. Buy Dell laptops in Nepal for home or business use at Neo Store. There are various models of laptops available in the store, buy a product that suits your requirement. The laptops from Dell are popular for their quality, performance, and durability. Dell laptops have a good service base in Nepal and the repair costs (if any) is minimal.


Neo Store is the official distributor of Dell laptops in Nepal and guarantees the best Dell laptops price in Nepal.


Dell Products in Nepal

Dell is the premier brand for desktops, projectors, and laptops in Nepal. Dell is the most popular brand for laptops in Nepal. Dell also holds a major share for projectors and high-performance desktops in Nepal. Dell provides technological solutions and services of highest quality.

Neo store is partner with Neoteric Nepal, the distributor of Dell products for Nepal. Neo store is the best Dell showroom in Nepal providing the best prices for the Dell laptops, computers and all other products. The price of Dell computers depends on the various configurations of the computers. Neo Store guarantees the best price of Dell laptops in Nepal.


Dell Desktops

Dell desktops are high performing desktops perfect for business and office usage. The personal computers are configured for great processing speeds and are optimal for business and professional use. They are also great for everyday computing and for fulfilling gaming requirements.


Dell projectors

Dell is an equally reliable brand when it comes to projectors in Nepal. The prices of projectors vary depending upon the projection distance, resolution and Dimensions (3D). At Neo Store, you will find a range of different Dell projectors in Nepal.


Dell Laptops in Nepal  - All in One Laptop for Work and Entertainment

Having a Dell laptop by your side, helps you complete your urgent work, prepare a presentation, and catch up on your favorite shows. Dell Nepal presents you with sleek designs including powerful processors, which are made to suit all your computing requirements. There are various Dell laptop models that will surely be within your budget range. From the Dell Vostro series to the Dell Inspiron series, the Dell laptop deals will have an extensive range of models to provide your every need. You can buy a Dell laptop in Nepal based on the operating system, the RAM size, the storage capacity, and the graphics card (especially if you are a pro-gamer). When it comes to physical attributes, the Dell laptops will be the perfect choice for you. You can also buy a laptop depending on the screen size. If you are looking for something that is compact and lightweight, then pick a Dell laptop that has a screen size of 14 inches. Oh, and don't worry about the price, as the Dell Laptop Prices in Nepal are meant to suit every budget. 


The other Dell products in Nepal include:

  • Storage (External hard drives)
  • Audio and Wearable
  • Networking Devices
  • PC accessories
  • Monitors and home theatres


Dell Laptops Price in Nepal

Dell i3 Laptops Price in Nepal

Latest Dell i3 Laptop Models Dell i3 Laptops Price
DELL INSPIRON 3573 Cel N4000 / 4GB/ 500GB  Rs. 39,150
DELL INSPIRON 3467 i3 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 44,550
DELL INSPIRON 5468 i3 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 46,900


Dell i5 Laptops Price in Nepal

Latest Dell i5 Laptop Models Dell i5 Laptops Price
DELL INSPIRON 5468 i5 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 59,900
DELL INSPIRON 3576 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 69,400
DELL INSPIRON 5570 i5 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 70,800
DELL INSPIRON 3576 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 75,500
DELL INSPIRON 5567 i5 8GB/ 1TB Rs. 89,000
DELL XPS 15 9570 i5 / 8GB/ 1TB+128GB SSD Rs. 224,600


Dell i7 Laptops Price in Nepal

Latest Dell i7 Laptop Models Dell i7 Laptops Price
DELL INSPIRON 3567 i7/ 8GB/ 1TB Rs. 79,900
DELL INSPIRON 5567 i7 8GB/ 2TB Rs. 91,400
DELL INSPIRON 5570 i7/ 8GB/ 256GB Rs. 94,690
DELL INSPIRON 5570 i7 8GB/ 2TB  Rs. 99,500
DELL INSPIRON G3 3579 i7/ 8GB/ 256GB Rs. 162,700
DELL G7 15 7588 i7/ 16GB/ 256GB + 1TB Rs. 180,500

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