JBL Products in Nepal

JBL has built speakers and other audio equipment for customers around the world and therefore, has decades of experience. The USP of JBL is that the JBL components generate superb clarity sound. JBL manufactures products such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and home audio.


JBL Speakers in Nepal

The best products in the Bluetooth speakers section of JBL include portables and home speakers. JBL portable speakers are particularly popular among the young crowd in Nepal as they come with a long-lasting battery and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity. JBL GO 2, JBL Flip, and JBL Charge are the highlights in this section. JBL GO 2 is a compact portable Bluetooth speaker that offer vibrant styles and wireless stereo sound that are easy to set up.


JBL Headphones in Nepal

JBL headphones feature accurate, pure and extended bass with the help of inbuilt premium drivers. In-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and Sports headphones are the best products in the JBL headphones section. The JBL Reflect Fit are the highlights of the JBL headphones as it is designed and tested by professional athletes. The JBL Reflect Fit is built specifically for people like athletes and players, as they do not fall out easily all the while providing high-quality sound.


JBL Speakers Price in Nepal

Latest JBL Speakers Model JBL Speakers Price
JBL GO 2 Rs. 4,050
JBL Flip 4 Rs. 13,050
JBL Charge 3 Rs. 18,900
JBL Pulse 3 Rs. 24,300


JBL Headphones Price in Nepal

Latest JBL Headphones Models JBL Headphones Price
JBL On-Ear Headphone T450 Rs. 3,420
JBL On-Ear Headphone T450 BT Rs. 4,950


JBL Earphones Price in Nepal

Latest JBL Earphones Models JBL Earphones Price
JBL In-Ear Headphone T210 Rs. 2,070
JBL Wireless In-Ear Headphone T110 Rs. 3,420
JBL Reflect Fit Rs. 14,850


When you think of buying speakers or headphones in Nepal, the first brand to come to mind is unquestionably JBL. Shop for JBL speakers and headphones from Neo Store at uncomparable discounts. Browse through various speakers and headphone type (on the ear, in the ear or over the ear), connectivity (Wired or Bluetooth) and headphone design (earbud, ear clip, over the head, etc). Our collection of JBL Bluetooth speakers and earphones is truly as diverse as it can get. 


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