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Logitech is a Swiss global manufacturer and provider of accessories for personal computer, tablets, gaming, and mobile devices. Logitech Nepal specializes in electronic gadgets that include mouse, keyboards, webcams, office systems, speaker and headphones. Logitech is a renowned and reputed brand for quality and durability of its products. Logitech Nepal is a reliable brand for all accessory needs. Buy any Logitech accessories in Nepal to improve your user experience at Neo Store. Neo Store provides Logitech products at affordable prices.


Logitech Products in Nepal

The Logitech products are manufactured to fulfill the basic, business and gaming needs. The Logitech products in Nepal include:


Computer Accessories:

The products from Logitech for computers are wireless mouse, keyboards, webcam, headsets and multimedia devices. These devices improve the experience of using the computer.


Mobile Accessories:

The products from Logitech for mobiles are protective casing, speakers and headphones. Logitech accessory increase durability and efficiency of mobile devices.


Gaming Needs:

Logitech manufactures product specifically for fulfilling gaming needs. Logitech products for gaming include mouse, keyboards controllers a, d headsets. The unique features of gaming controllers from Logitech include:

  • Intelligent cable management in keyboards
  • Optical laser sensor with high sensitivity in mouse
  • Built for comfort when playing games
  • Keypad illuminations for nights
  • Controllers for smooth control


Business needs:

Logitech manufactures products to increase efficiency in business. Logitech products for business needs include:

  • Presentation media - wireless presenter, conference camera, speakers
  • Controllers: keyboards, mice


Logitech Speakers Price in Nepal

Latest Logitech Speaker Models Logitech Speaker Price
Logitech Speaker Stereo Z120 AP  Rs. 1,755
Logitech Speaker V10 Notebook Speaker,311,AP  Rs. 3,390
Logitech Speaker X50 Mobile Wireless Speaker TWKOR Rs. 4,140
Logitech Speaker System Z313, EMEA  Rs. 5,670
Logitech Speaker Z443 NO LANG AP  Rs. 7,900
Logitech Speaker UE Wonderboom Wireless Speaker  Rs. 11,600
Logitech Speaker Surround Sound Z506 EMEA  Rs. 16,600
Logitech Speaker Z623 Analog EMEA28 Hardwired with EU Rs. 26,900
Logitech Speaker Surround Sound Z906 EMEA  Rs. 61,300


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