Nokia Mobile in Nepal

Nokia is a reputed brand for mobile phones in Nepal. Nokia specializes on Windows phone and also has models in android platform. Nokia is renowned for its brand value and durability. Explore the world of windows platform with Nokia mobile in Nepal. Buy yourself a set from the popular Nokia brand at Neo store.



Nokia Mobile Price in Nepal 2019

Neo Store provides the best Nokia mobile price in Nepal. We provide genuine Nokia mobile with original parts. Neo Store features a wide range of mobile with a low-cost price of Nokia mobile in Nepal with the perfect fit for your budget. Nokia features smart mobile phones with genuine camera and high performing processors at affordable prices fit to budget.


Popular Models of Nokia Mobile in Nepal

The most popular models of Nokia mobile in Nepal belongs to Lumia and Asha series:

Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia is a popular brand for windows platform. Nokia Lumia price varies upon the configuration of the mobile set and its features. Buy a Nokia Lumia set that meets your requirement at affordable prices.

Nokia Asha

Nokia Asha is a popular brand for the cheap range of smart phones in Nepal. The price of Nokia Asha in Nepal generally ranges from around seven to ten thousand NPR.

Apart from Nokia Asha and Nokia Lumia series, Nokia also features an endless array of durable and affordable mobile sets in Nepal.

Neo Store guarantees the best price of Nokia mobile in Nepal.


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