OnePlus Mobiles in Nepal

It's hard to imagine even a day without our Mobile. For example, let's say you lost your phone for one day - then think how will you talk to your co-workers, friends or family, your personalized playlist will be gone, you won't be able to pass time while commuting to work, you won't be able to play your favourite games or check updates from Facebook and Instagram. And, if you’re someone who plans and prepares the whole day’s schedule on the mobile, then you may surely feel like you have lost an arm. A smartphone has become a very valuable device for almost all of us. So if you’re looking to buy a new mobile or change the old one with the latest features and stylish designs, then OnePlus mobiles can be a great choice. 


OnePlus Mobiles in Nepal – Smooth Designs and Packed with Latest Features

OnePlus mobiles in Nepal come with smooth designs and let you enjoy the latest features without spending a huge amount of money. The innovative touchscreen of these mobiles reacts to your every touch and you can launch apps immediately. 


OnePlus Mobiles Price in Nepal 

Lates OnePlus Mobile Models OnePlus Mobile Price
OnePlus 6 (6+64GB)  Rs. 74,900
OnePlus 6 (8+128GB)  Rs. 82,900
OnePlus 6 (8+256GB)  Rs. 95,000