Samsung Mobile in Nepal

Samsung is one of the best-known smartphone manufacturers in the world, and it has a large range of handsets. Samsung covers the major market share for android mobile phones in Nepal. Samsung mobile is popular among the Nepalese youth as well as the elderly as they are stylish and easy to use and packed with different features and functionality. Samsung Mobile Phones in Nepal are popular for their product quality, reliability and brand name.


Samsung's current smartphones run the Android operating system. This means that many models have the easy to use advantage and great apps options through the Google Play store.


Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal: A Smartphone at a Smart Price

Are you planning to buy a new Samsung smartphone in Nepal? With all famous brands launching flagship phones every month, it becomes confusing to pick a phone where you can surf the internet, play games, access all apps and all that with good looks and a limited budget. When we talk about mobile phones, Samsung is one of the first names that mostly comes to our mind. If you’re looking for the latest smartphone with deluxe specifications or a mobile phone at a budget-friendly price, there is a Samsung mobile to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Over the years, Samsung has launched several mobile phones in Nepal with stylish designs and high-quality features.


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Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal 

Samsung is one of the leading smartphone brands in Nepal & is the most active mobile phone launcher under its Galaxy series lineup. On the budget-friendly segment, it has the Galaxy J, Galaxy A Series, and Galaxy On, which are giving strong competition to other budget brands as they are feature packed & competitively priced. This list of all Samsung mobiles phones available in Nepal is updated every time a new Samsung mobile phone is launched, and the pictures and prices of Samsung mobiles are updated as and when they change. The Samsung mobile price list below is sorted by minimum price in the beginning and maximum price at the end.


Latest Samsung Mobile Models Samsung Mobile Price
Samsung Galaxy J2 4G  Rs. 10,300
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core  Rs. 11,300
Samsung J2 2018  Rs. 13,800
Samsung Galaxy J4 (2+16GB)  Rs. 14,900
Samsung Galaxy J4 (3+32GB)  Rs. 18,300
Samsung Galaxy J6 (3+32GB)  Rs. 21,400
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max  Rs. 25,300
Samsung Galaxy J6 (4+64GB)  Rs. 26,400
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2  Rs. 26,900
Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo  Rs. 27,900
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro  Rs. 27,900
Samsung Galaxy J8  Rs. 30,300
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro  Rs. 33,200
Samsung J2 2018  Rs. 36,599
Samsung Galaxy A6 (4+64GB)  Rs. 38,300
Samsung Galaxy A6+ (4+64GB)  Rs. 42,700
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Rs. 42,990
Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)  Rs. 48,000
Samsung Galaxy S8+  Rs. 76,800
Samsung Galaxy Note8  Rs. 93,100
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (6+64GB)  Rs. 96,900
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (6+128GB) Rs. 100,800
Samsung Galaxy Note 9   Rs. 105,600


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