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Dell Optiplex 3060 MT I3

Model: i3 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD

SKU: 7587

Price : 54,900

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Dell Optiplex 3060 Micro I5

Model: i5 | 4GB Ram | 500GB HDD

SKU: 5654

Price : 66,000

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Inspiron 3470 Small Desktop

Model: i3 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD

SKU: 2233

Price : 55,500

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Dell Inspiron 3064 AIO Desktop

Model: i3 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD | Touch

SKU: 434

Price : 93,900

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Desktop Computers in Nepal - Neo Store

Improve your work performance with Dell desktop computers from neo store. neo store has the best line of Dell desktop computers in Nepal. Select from an array of high-performance Dell desktops i5, i7 or the regular computing i3 or dual-core personal computers.


neo store is a reputed and authorized Dell showroom for Desktop Computers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Desktop Computers available at our showroom are one of the best make and guarantees satisfaction to the user.


Affordable Desktop Computer Price in Nepal

Since neo store is the authorized distributor of Dell desktop computers, we can guarantee you the best Dell desktop computer price in Nepal. Neo Store is powered by Neoteric, the authorized distributor of Dell products for Nepal. We can give you the assurance of its performance and its durability.


Configure Your Desktop Computer with Neo Store

With neo store, you can build your customized desktop as per your need. We provide desktops with various configurations in terms of processors, disk size, and memory to fit your personal requirements. Whether you need a desktop for everyday work, business purposes or for gaming needs, we will configure it for you.

Get the freedom to configure the processor, RAM, memory and all other components of your desktop.


Desktop Computers Price in Nepal

Latest Desktop Computers Models Desktop Computers Price
Dell Optiplex 3050 MT  Rs. 49,500
DELL VOSTRO 3670 i3 Rs. 51,500
Dell Optiplex 3060 Micro i3  Rs. 52,700
Inspiron 3470 Small Desktop i3 Rs. 55,500
Dell Optiplex 3060 MT i3  Rs. 55,900
DELL VOSTRO 3670 i5 Rs. 63,000
Dell Optiplex 3060 Micro i5 Rs. 66,000
Dell Optiplex 3060 MT i5 Rs. 67,050
Inspiron 3470 Small Desktop i5 Rs. 71,500
Dell Inspiron 3064 AIO Desktop  Rs. 93,900


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