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Dell Inspiron 15 3581 i3

Model: Dell Inspiron 15 3581 i3

SKU: 60921

Price : 46,990

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Dell XPS 13 9380 i5

Model: 13inch | 8GB Ram | 256SSD | Touch | Win10

SKU: 94893

Price : 172,900

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Dell XPS 13 9380 i7

Model: 13inch | 8GB Ram | 256SSD | Touch | Win10

SKU: 8687

Price : 215,900

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Dell Inspiron 15 7591 i5 9th Generation

Model: 15 inch | 8GB Ram | 256SSD | 3GB Graphics | Win10

SKU: 69331

Price : 129,900

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Dell G5 15 5590 i7 9th Generation

Model: 15 inch| 8GB Ram | 256SSD+1TB HDD | 4GB | Win10

SKU: 2149

Price : 155,900

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Dell G3 15 3590 i7 9th Generation

Model: 15 inch | 8GB Ram | 512SSD | 6GB Graphics | Win10

SKU: 22975

Price : 163,900

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Dell G3 15 3590 i5 9th Generation

Model: 15 inch | 8GB Ram | 256SSD | 3GB Graphics | Win10

SKU: 2290

Price : 111,900

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Precision 3530 Mobile Workstation (Out of Stock)

Model: i7 | 15inch | 16GB Ram | 500GB HDD | 2GB | win10

SKU: 98541

Price : 115,800

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Dell Inspiron 14 3481 i3

Model: 14 Inches | i3 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD

SKU: 20589

Price : 48,500 45,900

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ZedNote 14

Model: 14 Inches | 2GB Ram | 64GB HDD

SKU: 1994

Price : 30,400

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Dell Inspiron 15 3580 i5

Model: 15 Inches | i5 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD

SKU: 20231

Price : 67,900 64,900

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Dell Inspiron 14 3480 i7

Model: 14 Inches | i7 | 8GB Ram | 1TB HDD | 2GB Graphics

SKU: 22190

Price : 84,900

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Dell Inspiron 14 3480 i5

Model: 14 Inches | i5 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD | 2GB Graphics

SKU: 21390

Price : 71,900 67,900

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Dell Latitude 5490 i5

Model: 14 Inches | 8GBRam | 256GB SSD

SKU: 87997

Price : 105,000 99,800

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Dell Inspiron 14 5480 i7

Model: 14 Inches | i7 | 128GB+1TB HDD | 2GB Graphics

SKU: 454565

Price : 120,900 114,500

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Dell Inspiron 14 5480 i5

Model: 14 Inches | i5 | 128GB+1TB HDD | 2GB Graphics

SKU: 9989

Price : 99,900 94,905

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Model: 13.3 inches | 3GB Ram | 32GB HDD

SKU: 74959

Price : 31,255

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Dell G7 15 7588 i7

Model: 15 inches | i7 | 8GB Ram | 1TB HDD+128GB SSD

SKU: 34784

Price : 139,900 132,900

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Aspire E5-576

Model: i3 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD | 15inch

SKU: 5708

Price : 54,900

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Aspire E5-476G

Model: i3 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD | 14inch

SKU: 5781

Price : 54,000

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Dell XPS 13 9370 i5

Model: i5 | 8GB Ram | 256SSD | Touch | Silver

SKU: 1221

Price : 209,000 197,900

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Aspire E5-476G

Model: i5 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD | 14inch

SKU: 578

Price : 66,200

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Dell Inspiron 15 3576 i5

Model: 15 Inches | i5 | 4GB Ram | 1TB HDD

SKU: 27501

Price : 64,400

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Dell Inspiron 15 3576 i5 Graphics

Model: Valid only through Online purchase

SKU: 27500

Price : 75,500 60,900

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Dell G3 15 3579

Model: 15 inches | i7 | 8GB Ram | 256GB SSD

SKU: 4681

Price : 162,700

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Laptops in Nepal

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Find The Best Laptops Brands in Nepal at The Best Price

Laptops today comprises a lot of features that make your work easier and advantageous. They are outlined with a processor, generally, Intel or Ubuntu. Majority of the processor is dual-core i.e., two processors on one chip and some Intel's processors use Hyper-threading that makes the dual-core processor perform like an APU quad-core one. They likewise include RAM for storage limit. A certain percentage of the laptops in Nepal are equipped with either dedicated or integrated graphics cards. To perform essential tasks you can utilize portable computer's memory (RAM), however in the event that you are passionate about playing games like PUBG, FIFA or need to use video editing software, then you need to buy a laptop with a different graphics card.


In today's world, laptops have become the most utilized gadgets that can be used for a variety of purposes. The laptops develop throughout the years because of which they can now be utilized for work and in entertainment. Most laptops comprise a wide range of features that include HD viewing experience, breathtaking graphics, and Bluetooth. Neo Store gives you to choose from a huge variety of laptops that you can purchase online at an extremely reasonable cost.


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Neo Store has a wide variety of laptops like Touchscreen Laptops, Business laptops, Windows Laptops, and Regular Laptops. For brand conscious customers, Neo Store has got the best brands of laptop online: HP, Dell, Acer, and iLife. This online store further classifies into categories like Laptop Prices, Screen Size,  Disk Size, RAM, Processor,  and Operating System. Buy laptops from Neo Store's collection of laptop models and brands. We provide 1-year insurance on theft and physical damage and 1-year authorized dell warranty. 


Laptops Price in Nepal

Latest Laptop Models Laptop Price
iLife ZED Book WGORV2 10.1" 2in1 2GB/ 32GB Rs. 18,900
iLife ZED Air GRWC2W 14" NB 2GB/ 32GB Rs. 19,900
iLife Zed Book II R 11.6" Z8350 2GB/ 32GB Rs. 19,800
iLife Zed Air H6 + S 14"" CelN3350/ 6GB/ 500GB Rs. 28,400
ZedNote 14/ 2GB/ 64GB HDD Rs. 30,400
iLife Zed Air + GR 15.6" Cel N3350 6GB /500GB Rs. 31,340
iLife ZED AIR 3AS 13.3" Apollo Lake N4200 3GB/ 32GB Rs. 31,200
DELL INSPIRON 3573 Cel N4000 / 4GB/ 500GB Rs. 34,900
DELL INSPIRON 3467 i3/ 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 44,550
DELL INSPIRON 5468 i3/ 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 45,900
Acer Aspire E5-476 i3 14" Rs. 54,000
Acer Aspire E5-576 i3 15.6" Rs. 54,900
DELL INSPIRON 5468 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 58,600
DELL INSPIRON 3476 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB HDD Rs. 62,500
Acer Aspire E5-476 i5 14" Rs. 66,200
DELL INSPIRON 3576 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 64,400
DELL INSPIRON 5570 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ GRAPHICS Rs. 67,900
DELL INSPIRON 3580 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB HDD Rs. 67,900
DELL INSPIRON 3480 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB HDD Rs. 69,255
DELL INSPIRON 3576 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ GRAPHICS Rs. 60,900
DELL INSPIRON 5480 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB Rs. 77,900
DELL LATITUDE 3490 i5/ 4GB/ 1TB HDD Rs. 78,300
DELL INSPIRON 3567 i7/ 8GB/ 1TB Rs. 79,900
DELL INSPIRON 3480 i7/ 8GB/ 1TB HDD Rs. 88,200
DELL INSPIRON 5567 i5/ 8GB/ 2TB Rs. 91,400
DELL INSPIRON 5567 i7/ 8GB/ 2TB Rs. 91,400
DELL INSPIRON 5570 i7/ 8GB/ 2TB  Rs. 94,500
DELL INSPIRON 5570 i7/ 8GB/ 256GB Rs. 94,690
DELL LATITUDE 5490 i5/ 8GB/ 256GB  Rs. 99,800
DELL INSPIRON 5482 i5/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD Rs. 109,900
DELL INSPIRON 5482 i7/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD Rs. 116,900
DELL INSPIRON 7386 i5/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD Rs. 120,000
DELL INSPIRON 7386 i7/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD Rs. 134,900
DELL INSPIRON 5482 i7/ 16GB/ 512GB SSD Rs. 152,855
DELL INSPIRON G3 3579 i7/ 8GB/ 256GB Rs. 162,700
DELL G7 15" 7588 i7/ 16GB/ 256GB + 1TB Rs. 180,500
DELL XPS 15" 9570 i5/ 8GB/ 1TB+128GB SSD Rs. 224,600


Delivery and Payment Method

Neo Store gives an exceptional customer experience as we give detail information about laptops; so that you can buy laptops from Neo Store undoubtedly. Place your order and enjoy cool deals & discounts from Neo Store. We allow you to pay online through credit card(Visa and Master), Bank Transfer, eSewa, ipay or SCT. You can also pay cash for the purchase using Cash on Delivery method.