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Dell Projector P318S

Model: Dell Projector P318S

SKU: 3987

Price : 44,800

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Optoma S342

Model: Optoma S342

SKU: 4687

Price : 47,800

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Dell Projector 4220

Model: 4220

SKU: 2111

Price : 140,600

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Dell Projector 1450

Model: 1450

SKU: 344

Price : 71,900

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Dell Network Projector 1610HD

Model: Dell Network Projector 1610HD

SKU: 4443

Price : 101,434

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Projectors Price in Nepal

Latest Projectors Model Projectors Price
Dell Projector P318S  Rs. 44,800
Optoma S342 Rs. 47,800
Dell Projector 1450 Rs. 71,900
Dell Network Projector 1610HD  Rs. 101,434
Dell Projector 4220 Rs. 140,600