Fantech Leviosa Air Wireless Lightning

Rs.3,499 Rs.4,599

Fantech Leviosa Air Wireless Lavalier T

Rs.2,999 Rs.4,199

Thronmax Mdrill One Pro- USB Mic Microph


THRONMAX C1 Pro StreamMic Pro Vlogger Ki


Thronmax C1 Stream Microphone


Remax K06 Lavalier Microphone


Havit Gaming Microphone GK56

Rs.2,975 Rs.3,500

Fantech MCX01 Leviosa RGB Microphone

Rs.5,299 Rs.9,999

Avermedia Live Streamer MIC 133 - AM133


Thronmax S3 Zoom Boom Arm


Thronmax Fireball 48 KHz


Thronmax Mdrill Pulse (96 kHz)

Out of stock

THRONMAX MDrill Dome Plus USB Microphone


THRONMAX P1 Microphone Pop Filter


Mdrill Zone XLR with Shock Mount Bundle


Thronmax Mdrill Zero Jet Black 48Khz

Out of stock

Thronmax Mdrill one Pro Jet Black 96khz


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