Fantech VIGIL MP806 Gaming Mouse Pad

Rs.949 Rs.1,299

Fantech Mp80 Large Pc Laptop Gaming Mous

Rs.999 Rs.1,399

BenQ Gaming Mousepad G-SR-SE


Fantech Combo MK853 v2 Maxpower Mechanic

Rs.5,999 Rs.8,999

Fantech Thor II X16 v2 Gaming Mouse

Rs.1,699 Rs.3,499

Fantech VX7 Crypto Gaming Mouse

Rs.1,599 Rs.2,999

Fantech Sven MP35 Mousepad

Rs.499 Rs.699
Out of stock

Fantech MP64XL Gaming Mousepad

Rs.499 Rs.999

Neo RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Rs.2,390 Rs.3,000

Fantech MPR800 RGB Mouse Pad (Electronic

Rs.3,000 Rs.3,499

Fantech MP25 MousePad

Rs.250 Rs.399

Fantech MP292 MousePad

Rs.350 Rs.500

Mouse Pad For Your Needs

When it comes to computer navigation, the appropriate Mouse Pad can make all the difference. In particular, these mouse pads provide optimum surfaces for your mouse. As a result, it allows you to have better control over the cursor and also allows the sensor to detect movement at the pace you choose. Thus, it is important for you to choose the perfect Mouse Pad as it directly impacts your performance. Hence, relating to this, the perfect place to buy a Mouse pad in Nepal is Neo Store. With the introduction of Optical Mouse, many people don't find it necessary to use the Mouse Pad. However, for maximum efficiency, we always recommend you to use the Mouse Pad. On the other hand, recommendation alone is not enough to make the decision to choose the perfect Mouse Pad. If you want to get the most out of your navigation experience, follow the guidelines below to choose the best Mouse Pad for you.

Material Preferences

In the Nepali market, you can get mousepads made up of cloth, plastic with rubber bottoms, metal, and glass. Furthermore, Mousepads are classified as either hard or soft in terms of surface material. It is a matter of personal preference whether to use a soft or hard Mouse Pad. However, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each might help you decide which one to purchase. The major difference between hard and soft mousepads is that the soft Pad provides a cushion under the mouse, whereas the hard pad requires very little strength to glide the mouse over large distances.

Know Your Requirement

Before you go out and get a new Mouse Pad in Nepal, think about what you'll be using it for and whether you have any unique concerns. In particular, you even have to think about your existing health condition like carpal tunnel syndrome before finalizing your choice. Likewise, the other factors that can play a role while selecting the mousepads are the purposes like gaming, size, thickness, design, features, and more. To conclude, it's always important to be clear about these aspects before making your decision of buying a Mouse Pad.

Mouse Pad in Nepal

To be straightforward, the best place on the internet in Nepal to buy the Mouse Pad is Neo Store. Here you can get to explore the extensive range of choices when it comes to their design, color, shape, size, and material. This is why choosing the products as per the requirement is very easy in our online store. In addition, you also get to explore a variety of pads if you are searching for the Best Gaming Mouse Pad in Nepal. Most importantly, the products that Neo Store sells are all ergonomics. Hence, Neo Store doesn't just sell the products, we are highly committed to adding value to your investment.