Fantech Go W191 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Rs.749 Rs.999

Fantech Venom II WGC2+ Wireless Gaming M

Rs.2,499 Rs.4,999

Micropack BT-751C Mouse


Micropack MP-360G Mouse


Micropack M-101 Wired Optical Mouse


Micropack M-100 Wired Optical Mouse


Fantech Raigor III WG12 Gaming Mouse

Rs.1,200 Rs.1,799

Micropack GM-06 Rainbow Gaming Mouse


Imperion W505 Teleport 2.4G Wireless Gam


Imperion M410 Javelin 6 Button USB RGB G

Limited Stock

Digicom Gaming Mouse DG- G30

Rs.1,235 Rs.1,300
Out of stock

Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Gami

Rs.8,540 Rs.8,990

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse

Rs.6,555 Rs.6,900

Havit MS1027 Gaming Mouse


Logitech M90 Optical USB Mouse

Rs.730 Rs.770
Out of stock

Dell Multi-device Wireless Mouse - MS532

Rs.6,555 Rs.6,900

Dell Wireless Optical Mouse WM118

Rs.1,495 Rs.1,575

Dell Optical Wireless Mouse - WM126

Rs.2,025 Rs.2,130
Out of stock

Dell Optical Mouse- MS116

Rs.695 Rs.730

BenQ ZOWIE S2 Mouse For Esports


BenQ ZOWIE EC3-C Mouse For Esports


BenQ ZOWIE EC2 Gaming Mouse


Fantech UX1 Hero Ultimate Macro RGB Gami

Rs.7,499 Rs.9,499

Fantech Thor II X16 v2 Gaming Mouse

Rs.1,699 Rs.3,499


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Buy Mouse Online at NeoStore

Looking for a mouse online? Visit our website, touch and feel the product and get the best recommendation before making a purchase decision. All options are available to you. The store offers a wide range of Mouse in respect to price and brands. In particular, Mouse prices may vary from technology to feature. NeoStore strives to offer a great catalog of the best products with incredible offers for all budgets. Talking about diversity, the store also sells the Mouse of the brands like Logitech, Rapoo, and Fantech. Also, you can get the option for a variety of purposes including gaming. Likewise, the store is the perfect place if you are searching Computer Mouse for an ambidextrous person. You can easily browse the catalog, check the price and functionality of the mouse, and buy the mouse online. We understand your needs and we are always here to help you find the right product that suits your requirement.

Best Mouse for all kind of budget

Working with a mouse can speed up the distribution of your work. A touchpad mouse isn't half as comfortable as a wireless mouse, especially if you have to navigate pages of data as you work. These collections of computer accessories make your daily work easier. We offer a wide variety of mice such as an optical mouse, wireless mouse, gaming mouse, wired optical mouse, etc. at very affordable prices and discounts that are offered together. Buy various kinds of a mouse from the top-selling brand online at NeoStore.

Cheapest Mouse Price in Nepal

If you are looking for the Cheapest Mouse in Nepal, the products we have listed below can be your perfect option. Additionally, the Mouse we have compiled below has a price just under Rs. 1000. In other words, these Mice can be categorized as the Best Budget Mouse available at Neo Store.
  1. Fantech T530 Wired Office Mouse- Rs. 450
  2. Fantech T532 Wired Office Mouse- Rs. 500
  3. Rapoo N100 Optical Mouse- Rs. 500
  4. Rapoo N200 Optical Mouse- Rs. 530
  5. Fantech W188 Wireless Office Mouse- Rs. 650

Cheapest Gaming Mouse Price In Nepal

Gaming Mouse is often expensive and hard to afford. However, Neo Store has exclusively bought the Cheapest Gaming Mouse of the Fantech Brand, having a cost just under Rs. 1000. If you are planning a career to be a gamer or already into the gaming world, the Mouse listed below might be the real deal for you.
  1. Fantech WG10 Wireless Gaming Mouse- Rs. 900
  2. Fantech G10 Wired Gaming Mouse- Rs. 650
  3. Fantech Wireless Gaming Mouse W4Rs. 1,000
  4. Fantech G13 Rhasta II Gaming Mouse- Rs. 700
  5. Fantech GAREN WG7 Wireless Gaming Mouse- Rs. 950

Logitech Mouse In Nepal

As a Logitech authorized dealer, Neo Store can confidently claim that a variety of Logitech Mouse is available in-store, with a wide range of pricing, specifications, and designs. In particular, the customer will have a sufficient number of options at the store to find the appropriate Logitech Mouse to meet their needs.

Logitech Mouse Price In Nepal

As mentioned above, Neo Store can offer its customers a wide range of Logitech Mouse. Check out the list below and get an overview of Logitech Mouse with respect to its feature, design, and price.
  1. Logitech Mouse M170 Wireless Mouse- Rs. 1,575
  2. Logitech M337 Wireless Mouse- Rs. 5,215
  3. Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse M187- Rs. 2,250
  4. Logitech Optical G90 Gaming Mouse- Rs. 2,250
  5. Logitech Moba 302 Gaming Mouse- Rs. 5,310
  6. Logitech Wireless Mouse M185- Rs. 2,190
  7. Logitech Wireless Silent Mouse M221- Rs. 2,490
  8. Logitech Wireless Mouse M330 Silent Plus- Rs. 2,900
Either your requirement for the mouse is for office purposes or for personal use, Logitech can be a reliable option. Also, if you are thinking about wired, wireless, or even ambidextrous mice, Logitech has an option for all.

Fantech Mouse In Nepal

The Neo Store, like the Logitech Mouse, has a decent variety of Fantech Mouse. Although the Fantech Mouse can be used for a variety of purposes, the brand focuses on gaming when creating its goods. So if you are particularly searching for Gaming Mouse, either cheap or premium quality, Fantech can off-course fulfill your needs.

Fantech Mouse Price In Nepal

Check out the list below and figure out which Fantech Mouse best fits the requirement. Furthermore, the list also includes the pricing details of each Fantech Mouse available at the Neo Store.
  1. Fantech WG10 Wireless Gaming Mouse- Rs. 900
  2. Fantech T532 Wired Office Mouse- Rs. 500
  3. Fantech W188 Wireless Office Mouse- Rs. 650
  4. Fantech T530 Wired Office Mouse- Rs. 450
  5. Fantech Blake X17 Pro Wired Gaming Mouse- Rs. 4,500
  6. Fantech XD3 Helios RGB Wired/Wireless Gaming- Rs. 8,500
  7. Fantech UX2 Hive RGB Wired Gaming Mouse- Rs. 7,000
  8. Fantech UX3 Helios RGB Wired Gaming Mouse- Rs. 7,500
The above listing clearly depicts the diverse availability of the Fantech Mouse. Together with the specifications, the diversity also includes the price tag. In particular, the price range of the Fantech Mouse at Neo Store stands between Rs. 450- Rs. 8,500.

Rapoo Mouse In Nepal

Similar to the Logitech brand, Neo Store is also an authorized dealer of Rapoo. In addition, the store also sells the Mouse of Rapoo brands, similar to Logitech and Fantech. The store, like every other product, is dedicated to providing a wide range of Rapoo Mouse. Being an authorized dealer, Neo Store is confident that Rapoo can match all of your Mouse requirements.

Rapoo Mouse Price In Nepal

Explore the list below to find out which Rapoo Mouse can match your expectation, either with respect to price or with respect to the design and specification.
  1. Rapoo N100 Optical Mouse- Rs. 500
  2. Rapoo N200 Optical Mouse- Rs. 530
  3. Rapoo M100 Silent Multi-mode Wireless Mouse- Rs. 1,340
  4. Rapoo M280 Silent Multi-Mode Wireless Mouse- Rs. 1,610
  5. Rapoo 7200M Silent Multi-Mode Wireless Mouse- Rs. 2,288
  6. Rapoo V16 Gaming Mouse- Rs. 1,855
  7. Rapoo V20S Optical Gaming Mouse- Rs. 3,140
  8. Rapoo Wireless Optical Mouse M10 Plus- Rs. 1,390
  9. Rapoo 3300P Plus Super Mini Wireless Optical- Rs.1,580
Note: The Price of the Mice mentioned above can be changed at any time, make sure to contact us before making your choice.