Rapoo V500Pro Back-lit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Rapoo V500Pro Back-lit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with Durable and Fully Mechanical Keys that are also Individually Backlit. It also comes with a Conflict-free design so that you can game like a pro, every time you play - individually or online.

Rs.  4,190 Rs.  5,990

Rapoo V500Pro Back-lit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Durable Mechanical Keys

This keyboard comes with mechanical key switches that individually offer up to 60 million operations. This ensures that you’ll be able to comfortably game on this keyword for a pretty long time.

Individual Backlit Keys

Your keyboard will look super cool while you’re gaming as it comes with individually backlit keys that also offer adjustable brightness. This feature also comes in handy when the lights are out and you want to pull an all-nighter.

Conflict-free Design

When it comes to the virtual battlefield, you not only have to frag first, but you also have to frag fast. All the keys on the keyboard adopt a non-conflict design, which allows you to press a number of keys simultaneously. This ensures that every command of yours is executed accurately and quickly, ensuring that you can carry out quick moves and defenses in your games.

Media Control

The Fn keys on Rapoo V500Pro Back-lit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard give you quick access to functions such as the media player, the homepage, volume adjustments, and so on.

Connector type USB
Cable_length 1.2 mm
Show_countdown Yes
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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